Sand Valley Restoration Trust

The Sand Valley Restoration Trust is a large scale restoration project located in Adams County. Our mission is to implement and promote conservation and restoration of historic and natural habitats in the Central Sands of Wisconsin. Through our mission, we highlight five priorities: Restoration, Conservation, Education, Research, and Recreation. 

The restoration and conservation process is cultivating an environment fueled for education and research of all levels. These 7,200 acres are cycling back to their native plant communities that existed prior to European contact. The impact has already been seen; several years after removing the majority of red pine from the property, where golf is now played, we're happy to see a great diversity of vegetation come to life. The native plant communities, that have sat dormant under the red pines, have responded well through natural regeneration. We actively manage these native areas for diversity and invasive plants, while inviting research and education opportunities to learn from this beautiful process.


Recreation is Sand Valley Restoration Trust’s way of welcoming everyone to experience this unique sandy landscape. Currently recreation includes fat tire biking, hiking, birding, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, yoga, tennis, and much more. As we grow in our restoration and conservation so will our recreational opportunities, and miles of trails! Our goal is to create an outdoor recreational hub in Adams County where adventurers of all interests can connect with nature and explore.

Our greatest need, to be successful in our ongoing restoration and conservation efforts, is a community of volunteers willing to work alongside SVRF in managing invasive species, collecting native seeds, and building/maintaining trails. We welcome our community of volunteers to experience the restoration/conservation first hand by inviting each of them to totally immerse themselves in our process. We welcome volunteers of all abilities, skill levels, and backgrounds that are looking to make a difference and enjoy a rewarding experience. For the most up-to-date information and to sign-up for weekly volunteer opportunities please follow us on Facebook @SandValleyRestorationTrust.


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- Chelsea Sorbo, Field Operations Manager, Sand Valley, LLC. [ All photography and content provided by Chelsea Sorbo ]